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TRIVVER Ad Exchange Platform

Their Challenge

The future is 3D, AR, and VR. The outlook for the combined AR/VR industries is over $100 billion by 2021 and has the potential to grow exponentially from there. From travel to entertainment to real estate, virtual environments will take over every industry — the challenge lies in monetization.

That’s where Trivver comes in, the first Programmatic Ad Exchange for 3D/AR/VR advertising. The idea behind Trivver is a revolutionary technology that creates and manages real-time ad campaigns in virtual environments.

Our Solution

Saritasa used our expertise in 3D/VR/AR development to build Trivver, a complex software system that can identify advertising opportunities within 3D spaces in order to aid in product placement and avoid intrusive advertising.

The Trivver platform offers solutions to individual users, developers, and advertisers. The platform provides robust opportunities for monetization, product placement, brand promotion, and purchases within immersive 3D environments.

What Saritasa Did:


Compatibility with Unity allows game developers to download the Trivver extension to connect their games and experiences directly with the Trivver system.

Multiple User Cases

Trivver was built with 3 user cases in mind, the average user, a developer, and the advertiser. Each user gains a different benefit from the system, from discounts to revenue to brand recognition.

App Development

The Trivver App is compatible with iOS and Android devices and allows users to obtain discounts and make purchases on brands within the Trivver system.

Big Data

Our team utilized Big Data to build Trivver with the scalability and functionally to capture millions of records per second.

3D Rendering

Advertisers submit a single 3D object file that then gets rendered within the Trivver system to fit into multiple platforms and scale into a 3D environment without breaking the scene.

User Tracking

We developed a way to track the activity of users on different games, platforms, and environments in order to deliver discounts and coupons based on their activity.

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