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The Penny Hoarder VR App

Their Challenge

The client wanted to create a cutting edge, virtual reality application for use at a major financial trade show to entice visitors to the booth and to show they are on the forefront of technology in their industry. Thus, the Penny Hoarder VR App was born.

Our Solution

The Penny Hoarder VR App was built for the HTC Vive. The app provides a 2-3 minute underwater game experience for users to collect sinking coins within a virtual space using the HTC Vive headset and controllers. The Penny Hoarder VR App was primarily developed with Unity and SteamVR. Various assets available for purchase were also implemented to create the realistic 3D underwater atmosphere.

What Saritasa Did:


HTC Vive experience utilizing the SteamVR tools to support the game experience within a virtual space.

Unity Development

The game experience was built using the Unity engine.

Environment Development

Implementation of 3D assets and animations to create the underwater environment and experience.

3D Modeling

3D design and modeling to create a fun and engaging set of scenes to enhance user experience allowing them to interact with all other implemented features.

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