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Real Contact Software Development

Their Challenge

Sales is a fast-moving industry that often depends on leads getting converted to appointments. Success in getting the appointment requires efficient lead nurturing processes and reliable, quick communication with leads — not to mention confidence and charisma. However, it is simply not possible for sales representatives to be reachable 24/7, which is where Real Contact comes in.

Our Solution

The client’s goal was to provide concierge sales tools for sales representatives to ensure their leads are nurtured properly and are always able to communicate with a real person to avoid losing a potentially profitable lead. Saritasa developed Real Contact, a tool that connects leads with a live person in the event the intended sales representative is unavailable to increase the chances of setting an appointment and retaining a profitable lead.

Real Contact Software Development

“We achieved our Exit Strategy within 1.5 years… this was a huge success.” – Yaz Haddad, Real Contact, LLC

What Saritasa Did:

API Integration

Integration with the messaging service Pusher and call service Twilio allows for communication between the Real Contact concierge and buyer.

Web & iOS Platform

The Real Contact lead management platform was built to be used on both desktop and iOS devices.

SMS Communication

The biggest challenge that our team was able to come up with a solution for was allowing multiple people to send messages using SMS to the same lead while using the same number.

Speedy Responses

In order to ensure fast response times, when a lead comes in, the system automatically calculates the average response time of each concierge and sends the lead the the one with the lowest response time, then will cycle again if not responded to within a minute.

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