NYPIUA Web Refresh

Their Challenge

New York Property Insurance Underwriting Association (NYPIUA) is among the largest insurance underwriting associations in the United States. Established in 1968 in response to the rise of property damage due to civil unrest, the Association has grew significantly over its 50+ year history.

Insurance is a rough industry. While required, it can feel like a huge waste of money… until you need it. And the claims process is often long, draining, and difficult. This was an even bigger issue for NYPIUA as their website aged, causing their clients to get frustrated with the outdated claims process.

Our Solution

It was no secret that NYPIUA needed a website refresh. Their website was outdated, clunky, and unsupported on several browsers. They were in dire need of an upgrade when they came to us, but were hesitant to undertake such a massive overhaul with a new vendor.

Our team understood their concerns and fears and broke up the project into smaller chunks so we could earn their trust before they committed to a large project.

NYPIUA Web Refresh

What Saritasa Did:

Website Design

Design was the focus of this project, so that’s what we started with. Our team of expert UI and UX designers worked closely with NYPIUA to understand their current workflows in order to translate them into a cleaner, modern design. The result is a beautifully updated, easy-to-navigate website with all relevant actions front and center on the homepage.

Angular Frontend Development

Once NYPIUA grew confident in our ability to deliver, it was time for development. Our team handled the entire frontend build in Angular. We also handled the integration with NYPIUA’s pre-existing backend through their existing API. On the consumer-facing website, users can easily apply for insurance, managage their policies, submit claims, and make payments.

Development Consulting

NYPIUA uses several outsourced vendors to handle their technology needs, including the development and maintenance of their backend database and APIs. Our team partnered with them to provide recommendations to fortify their backend infrastructure. We also worked with their 3rd party developmer to enhance their API and ensure the secure flow of data between the frontend customer website and backend database.

Robust Quoting Tool

In order to apply for insurance, the user must fill out an application. On their old website, these applications were pages long and difficult to navigate. Our team replaced the outdated applications with organized forms. Users can choose between a Quick Quote form to just gather information, or a fill out a full length application.

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