Model Launcher Mobile Apps

Their Challenge

The modeling industry is intense, cutthroat, and heavily saturated. The process for casting a model requires tons of meetings, lots of time and resources, and is generally inefficient – at least in the eyes of Body Part Models. As the number one body parts modeling agency in the country, they have a massive catalog of models for a range of specific projects. They wanted to create a better way to view and select models than their usual interview process.

As a leader in the industry, they are also aware of how difficult it can be for models to be found and show off their specific assets. There had to be a solution that could benefit both the agency and the individual models…

Our Solution

Enter Model Launcher! Saritasa worked closely with BPM, Inc. to create a platform that would work for both parties – the model and the agency. The easy-to-use app allows models and aspiring models alike to upload a profile with pictures and information about themselves in order to be more easily found.

Model Launcher Mobile Apps

What Saritasa Did:

Native Development

The app was built using Apple’s native programming language, Swift, in order to give to best experience on iOS devices and integrated with a backend API.

Backend Development

Along with the native app, we developed a custom backend in PHP for BPM, Inc to manage the app.

Monthly Contests & Tips

The app features tips and tricks for new models to start their career, as well as promote monthly contests that allow models to be discovered and featured in high-end fashion magazines.

Custom Design

The entire app was designed to be as simple and easy to use as possible – lowering the barrier to entry for new models and giving agencies and wide pool of models to choose from.

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