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Their Challenge

The internet is filled with hundreds of thousands of communities for nearly every niche. Want to get tickets to an exclusive or sold out concert? There’s a community for that. Want to know when the hottest new shoes drop? There’s a community for that too.

Many of these groups operate across a variety of platforms. From Discord/Slack servers for communication, to Patron/OnlyFans for payment. Most of these group leaders rely on spreadsheets and manual processes to keep track of members and payments. Our client believed there had to be a better way.

Our Solution

Memberset is a platform for private, monetized chat groups. It combines the functionality of other popular platforms into a single, easy-to-use tool. The entire platform was built with the Group Creator in mind.

Memberset Web & Mobile Apps

What Saritasa Did:

Web & Mobile Apps

The platform was originally built on an open source platform called Zoolip in order to save time on development. Zoolip already has chat and other similar features built in. As development progressed, we moved to a custom solution using the Python programming language.

Multiple Subscription Models

Group Creators are able to configure custom subscription models based on their needs. They can choose to bill their Group Members monthly, quarterly, and annually. They can also offer basic and premium subscription plans.

Stripe Integration

Payments are facilitated through a Stripe integration. This allows Group Leaders to get paid out weekly.

Custom Marketing Site

We created a custom Django marketing site for promotion of the platform. The entire website, from the design to the code, was custom built from the ground up without any templates.

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