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Medic Clipboard iPad App


The Medic Clipboard iPad App enables first responders from the fire department to create Digitized Incident Reports out in the field. Our client, Digital EMS Solutions, Inc., has created a revolutionary ePCR software and application system that converts existing paper patient care report forms into a digital format without requiring first responders to learn a new program.

The Medic Clipboard iPad App requires iOS 5.0 and higher, and was developed by our iPad app development team on the open L.A.M.P. (Linux, Apache, mySQL and PHP) platform, using a combination of Objective C to optimize device capability and leveraging HTML5 features to deliver an innovative solution that can be customized to meet each fire department’s specific form presentation requirements.

Some departments currently using Medic Clipboard: Burbank Fire Department, Glendale Fire Department, Hermosa Beach Fire Department, Monterey Park Fire Department, Pasadena Fire Department, San Marino Fire Department, West Covina Fire Department


Viewable Reports

Embracing mobile technology is an important step in combating the current backlog of paperwork waiting for digital conversion, as mandated by the Electronic Medical Records initiative. The Medic Clipboard eliminates the paperwork that is time-consuming for the first responders to complete, and can be difficult for hospital staff to read. When the patient arrives at the hospital, the doctors and nurses have access to the same medical information as the emergency personnel, streamlining patient communication and interaction, and delivering a higher level of coordinated care.

Client Management

Unlike service-as-software applications, the Medic Clipboard presents firefighters with an electronic display of the exact paper field form, which has dramatically reduced the amount of training time, because data entry is familiar and intuitive. Incorporating “hot spot” display techniques, the firefighters simply tap on the field to be completed, and a box pops out for data entry. Upon completion, the form is submitted for seamless integration into both the hospital’s and the fire department’s databases.

Incidents Management

Digitized Incident Reports can also help in the reduction of errors, while offering improvements in efficiency and quality of care, by providing real-time access to, and integration of, information across the network of providers who share the responsibility of patient care.

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