Harvey CRM Development

Their Challenge

Harvey & Company, LLC is an industry-leading principal investment and acquisition advisory firm that pursues investments in a wealth of different sectors. They offer advice, investment opportunities, and leading acquisition strategies.

They came to us needing to update their outdated customer relationship management (CRM) system, which contained a vast amount of complicated business logic.

Our Solution

Our team developed an advanced, modern CRM for Harvey & Company, LLC to provide their team with robust organizational tools to increase efficiency in workflow processes.

Harvey CRM Development

Due to the sensitive nature of Harvey & Company LLC’s CRM, Saritasa is unable to share actual photos of the system.

What Saritasa Did:

Client Testing

Due to the complicated business logic within their legacy CRM, our team worked with the client to get them involved in testing the system.

Complex Logic

Our team reverse engineered the code in some areas of the CRM in order to get an understanding of the business logic, and analyzed the original code in order to gain deeper knowledge of the logic.

Programming Language

Our development team built the backend CRM using the ReactJS programming language.

Reporting Tools

The rebuilt CRM manages Harvey & Company’s entire backend process, including all of their reporting.

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