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Avadyne Medical Billing App

Their Challenge

Avadyne Health is a medical billing company that provides financial services to hospitals for patients. Their goal is to provide the best financial experience to a hospital’s patients as possible through an engaging, easy-to-use process in order to maximize satisfaction and loyalty.

When ARKit came out, Avadyne had the idea to create a tool to go beyond the standard boring billing process and stand out as an innovative leader in their space. They wanted to create an interactive augmented reality experience that allowed consumers to view and understand their bills in a more engaging way.

That’s where Saritasa came in.

Our Solution

Saritasa worked with Avadyne Health to develop a Proof Of Concept for their new medical billing tool, doing research into ARKits capabilities and limitations in order to build an application that met their business needs and goals.

We ended up developing an AR application that allows a user to view their bill with a Patient Concierge who walks across the paper and provides information about the bill.

What Saritasa Did:

Machine Learning

Our team utilized machine learning to teach the software to recognize different sections of the bill that the user is able to interact with. Each section of the bill is highlighted, and users are able to tap on individual sections to have the 3D Patient Concierge explain what the section is.

Voice-Over Technology

In order for the Patient Concierge experience to be as realistic and seamless as possible, our team user voice-over technology to lip-sync the recorded lines to the 3D asset’s mouth movements.

3D Assets

The Patient Concierge 3D asset was chosen to portray a professional tone that supports Avadyne’s branding from a 3D asset library.

Unity Development

The application was built using a 3rd party engine, Euphoria (based in Unity) because ARKit does not support the iPhone 6, which was part of the client’s requirements.

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