ASCO Power Technologies VR Experience

Their Challenge

ASCO Power Technologies is known as the industry standard for power transfer switches. Their devices achieve high-speed transfers of loads between alternate sources of power for mission-critical applications.

Their challenge stems from the fact that their power transfer switches are incredibly large and heavy machines (over 3,000 pounds!). Due to their size and weight, it is hard for them to bring the devices to tradeshows or for live demos to potential clients. ASCO wanted to come up with a way to demo their high-end power transfer switch without the logistics of bringing the physical machine on-location.

Our Solution

Saritasa worked with ASCO Power Technologies to create a virtual reality product demo that could be experienced anywhere – all through a VR headset. Our team traveled to the ASCO headquarters in order to interact with the device in person, to ensure that we had a complete understanding of how it functioned and determine the best way to demo the experience.

By utilizing the Oculus Quest, our team created a portable way to view and interact with the power transfer switch in a virtual environment.

What Saritasa Did:

3D Model

ASCO provided our team with 3D assets of the machine, which we then converted and optimized to function within a virtual environment.

Unity Development

The virtual experience was built in Unity and optimized to work with the Oculus Quest. The Quest is an untethered VR headset, so it does not need to be connected to a computer to run. Because of this, it was critical for our team to optimize the experience to run with the constraints of the Quest in mind.

Unique Navigation

Our team created a navigation system that allows a user to view and interact with the entire 360-degree model without having to move. This allows a viewer to see the entire switch within a confined space, such as a tradeshow floor.

Real-World Scenarios

Our team implemented a video “wall” in the virtual environment, which displays 360-degree videos of the power transfer switch in customer and manufacturer locations.

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